Welcome to the redesigned Idahound.com!

Welcome to the redesigned Idahound.com!

Current Idahound customers will undoubtably notice that we have changed the design of our website. But we did more than a basic face lift - we've also added some long-overdue functionality that will help make your life easier as customers.

We added a subscribe and save option, enabling you to set up recurring orders of your favorite products. We added an improved customer portal so you can view your order history, manage you subscriptions and view and edit your addresses. Finally, in changing our website platform, we hopefully fixed a slew of bugs and website issues from our old website. More on each of these below. 

Subscribe and Save!

Video of a user using subscribe and save


Feeding your dog an amazing raw diet can be a process, especially when you have to remind yourself to trigger an order of new food before you run out. Idahound now has recurring orders on all products on our website. On every product there is an option to "subscribe and save" (below the "one-time purchase" option). You can pick from a variety of cadences and quantities to match your dog food needs. 

Note that our discounts do apply to subscriptions, and you'll receive an additional 10% off of your purchase if you subscribe to the product. 

Basic Customer Portal

On the new menu bar, you'll notice an icon that looks like this:    





This icon gives you the option to create or log into an existing online account with Idahound. Note: you'll also be prompted to create an account when you check out of an order. 

Your account will the power to do each of the following: 

  • View your order history
    Ever wonder what you previously ordered? How about your order fulfillment status? This first panel will help answer these questions for you. Just click on the order number you're interested in to view more details about an order. 

  • Manage Your Subscription
    Once you've set up a subscription, click on the "Manage Subscription" button under your name. Here you can add or remove products from a subscription, cancel a subscription, skip an order, update your address and much more.

Fixed some bugs

Our old website had a few bugs and issues, mostly around ordering. Idahound switched our platform in large part because of those errors. 

We strive to provide the most seamless online ordering experience possible, so if you ever see a "bug" or issue with our new website please reach out (our contact info is in our footer). 

Hope you enjoy the new site!


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