What is tripe?

Tripe is raw, unprocessed stomach tissue from ruminants, such as cows or sheep.

How does Idahound “make” tripe?

After thoroughly emptying and cleaning the four compartment of the sheep stomach Idahound coarsely grinds the organ, packaging it by the pound in easy-to-open bags. Unlike other tripe sold on the market, Idahound strictly adheres to the idea of raw GREEN tripe. There is no bleaching, no heat treatment, and no other industrial processes used that would lower the nutritional value of certain vitamins and enzymes, which would consequently render t

What is the nutritional value of tripe and what can it do for my dog?

Tripe has a 1:1 calcium to phosphorus ratio (ideal), and an overall pH level that is slightly acidic, aiding in the dogs digestion. The fiber content is 4%, the protein content 13% and the fat content 10%. These levels mirror the nutritional analysis formulated for other complete and balanced diets, yet tripe is only one ingredient!

Tripe contains the essential omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids in their recommended proportions as well as magnesium, potassium, B-complex vitamins, the amino acid taurine, other amino acids essential for muscular development, and trace amounts of other minerals and vitamins A, C, D, and E. Tripe also contains large amounts of Lactobacillus acidophilus, the same bacteria found in probiotics. This is intestinal bacteria keeps unwanted bacteria such as e-coli, salmonella and listeria from overpopulating the gut and causing health problems. A balance of microflora in the gut is extremely important to maintaining good health and keeping a dog’s immune system in shape.

What are the benefits of feeding my dog tripe?

The benefits of tripe range from improvements in health and appearance all the way to improvements in the disposition of the animal. Testimonials of those that feed their dogs tripe include vanishing digestive disorders, disappearing skin problems, shinier coats, coat coloring improvements, toned muscles, smaller, firmer, and better looking stools, better endurance and stamina, and improved conditions of many types of chronic illness. Despite the “farmy” smell of tripe, it can also aid in freshening the breath of dogs by keeping dogs teeth cleaner.

How much tripe do I feed my dog?

Just like humans, every dog’s nutritional need is different. Age, metabolism, and activity level dictate how much a dog will eat. Some breeders will choose to feed their dogs a strict diet of only tripe, while others will only occasionally supplement it into their dog’s diet. Idahound’s recommendation is that you substitute two of your dog’s meals a week with tripe.

Idahound grassfed lamb tripe

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