Words From The Pack

Holy Smokes

"Holy smokes. We got our first batch of food and my guy Vozel is wolfing it down, begging for more. I can't believe it. This dog is uber friggin picky. Talking about it on Twitter and Facebook!"

Jen McCabe

Nadia (Black Russian Terrier)

"Nadia is an official Idahound. Loves the tripe and dog food, I have had to try other brands but she is loyal to Idahound, won't touch any of the other brands. I hope they never stop selling their products otherwise I will be shipping Nadia to Idaho, sorry Alec!!"

Susie Songer

Safir (Anatolian)

"We love our Idahound! Safir loves the flavor of the green tripe...& I (his faithful sidekick) love knowing that my guy is eating the best, raw food on planet earth. If you're wanting to maintain perfect gut health in your 4-legged beasts, Idahound is the answer. Can't wait for our next shipment..."

Julia Jensen

About Idahound Food As Dog Intended

From the beginning, Idahound’s primary values have been canine health and environmental sustainability. To compassionately feed our dogs the healthiest foods, but not care for the earth is illogical.

Managing Your Customer Account

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