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Raw Green Tripe

Tripe is stomach ground down into a dog food. Tripe contains loads of probiotics and valuable enzymes and is super healthy for your dog. Check out this video to learn more about tripe and why you should be feeding it to your hound.

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Raw Meaty Bones

Bones clean teeth and gums, add calcium to the diet and help keep hounds healthy for life. Check out this video and learn why you should be giving your dog a raw, meaty bone once a week.

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Raw Cat Food

For several years, your cats had to watch as your dog dined on "the good stuff." We've finally formulated a raw cat food that aligns with our company's values and commitment to quality.

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How to Safely Handle Raw Dog Food

This videos shows you how to safely and conveniently handle raw dog food. We know raw dog food can be a new concept, and with that we wanted to show you how to effectively handle the product.

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