Raw Meaty Bones & Antler

Idahound's raw meaty bones are species-appropriate meal supplements, which we recommend feeding alongside your dog's raw diet. Like most of Idahound's products, we butcher, process, and package our raw meaty bones from grass-fed Idaho animals. Our sheep bones are considered “consumptive” while the beef bones are “recreational.” Unlike beef marrow bones, which commonly chip teeth, Idahound’s beef and lamb bones are firm but forgiving. Ideal for dogs of all sizes, our bones are the perfect chew for your carnivore.

You may have noticed that we like using the whole animal: meat, fat, organs, etc. Raising livestock requires a lot of energy, feed and water. As a result, every pound on an animal has value and, when possible, nothing should be wasted. To encourage the practice of holistic processingany cart filled with frozen foods will automatically see the price of treats drop 10%*. Achieve a balance and save.

Please note: bone chewing can be a potentially hazardous activity and should be monitored at all times. 

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If you’re unfamiliar with the benefits of raw meaty bones for dogs, we have lots to talk about. More than likely, though, you’re already a committed raw feeder, scouring the internet for research, options, and new proteins (rotation is important!). If that’s you, we hope that you like what you find here: a love of dogs, and bones rendered accordingly. Why only beef and sheep bones? Our proteins are limited because we buy grass-fed, humanely-raised animals within a hundred miles or so from our ranch. This keeps our carbon footprint a little lower and our foods a lot fresher. Dogs are significant members of our food system. How their food is made and the energy inputs that go into it should not be ignored.