Raw Meaty Beef Knuckle Bone

Raw Meaty Beef Knuckle Bone

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    Idahound's Beef Knuckle Bone is a big meaty bone (scroll down for dimensions) that's ideal for medium, large and extra large dogs. Like our other beef bone, it is not meant to be consumed in its entirety. Your dog should chew on the knuckle recreationally, only consuming the exposed marrow. Since knuckle bones are notoriously hard, we decidedn cut ours down the middle, giving your pup access to exactly what they're going for right off the bat. [MORE]


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    The biggest and most durable bone in our line-up, Idahound's Grass-fed beef knuckles are the rounded ends of the femur, radius, and tibia, that we've split in half and cut off at the shaft. The result is exposed marrow encapsulated in a hard shell and surrounded by bits of muscle, fat and cartilage.

    Our intention was to minimize those areas on the bone where a tooth could get stuck (e.g. donut shapes). Since knuckle bones are notoriously hard, we like the fact that ours have been cut down the middle, giving your pup exactly what he's going to aggressively chew for right off the bat. 

    Category: Recreational
    Bone to Meat ratio: 90/10
    Hardness Rating: Very Hard

    Idahound’s raw meaty beef bones are an excellent way to provide your dog with natural dental care. Functioning as both toothbrush and floss, raw bones effectively fight plaque and reduce the likelihood of gum disease. Needless to say, bone chewing is also a wonderfully stimulating activity for dogs. Intended for consumption and recreation, RMBs are a wise and multi-faceted addition to any dog’s raw diet.

    Please note: bone chewing has the potential to be a hazardous activity and should be monitored. Any bone that has been chewed down to a chokable size should be discarded.

    Feed Your Carnivore.
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    Frozen Time We have a 15 POUND CART MINIMUM for frozen items.
    Available In Single beef knuckle (split in half)
    Net Weight 0.75- 1.0 pounds / 5-6 inches wide
    Ingredients Grass-fed beef knuckle bone and surrounding fats
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