Green Tripe is Food as Dog Intended

Green Tripe is Food as Dog Intended

Your dog's gut is a complicated space. Give it some care with a true super food! What does tripe do?

A well-functioning digestive system needs to be equipped with nourishing bacteria, enzymes, and other gastric juices to efficiently break down and utilize food. Even a dog on a well-balanced raw diet can benefit from probiotics, which are live micro-organisms that restore gut flora.

While most of us have heard or consumed "probiotics," we may not know what Green Tripe is or that it's both a pre- and probiotic.  Since cows and sheep only eat grass they need enormous stomachs to breakdown and metabolize cellulose. This four-compartment organ, which is filled with large amounts of gastric enzymes and healthy strains of bacteria, is known as "tripe."

It's important to know that green tripe comes exclusively from grass-fed animals. Like our dogs, a ruminant not fed a natural diet will have a sub-optimal digestive system.

The effects of green tripe go beyond replenishing the bacteria of your dog's gut. Other benefits cited by owners include improved coat and skin health, better oral hygiene, and more liveliness. For healthy animals, consider it a digestive booster; for dogs suffering from gastric issues, green tripe could help substantially. In addition to its army of Lactobacillus acidophilus, the main ingredient in probiotics, tripe has an ideal 1:1 ratio of calcium to phosphorus. It also contains the essential fatty acids in their recommended proportions, along with potassium, magnesium, taurine, and other amino acids. Many raw feeding experts agree that green tripe is the single most nutritious ingredient available for dogs.

Finally, the raw factor needs to be highlighted. There are a lot of dehydrated tripe treats out there right now. However, heating live bacteria and enzymes destroys them, eliminating most of the health benefits. Idahound's Green Lamb and Beef Tripe is the purest form of tripe we've come across: pulled from animals at our facility, coarsely ground, and packaged immediately. We don't add live cultures to our probiotic super because they're already there!

To learn more about how Idahound processes tripe, click here.

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