Who We Are: Stewart and Whiskey

Who We Are: Stewart and Whiskey

The spread of Covid-19 and related public health measures have impacted all of us. It's a scary and uncertain time, the end of which may be weeks or months away. IDAHOUND has been fortunate to remain open, while taking new precautions to keep our small group of employees as safe as possible. While the intent of IDAHOUND's vertical integration is to create the freshest and most sustainable dog foods we can, our short supply chain and completely internal processing have so far kept us from experiencing substantial disruptions 

Thank you for continuing to support our small business. Everything we sell goes through the Carey headquarters - not another factory, not a co-packer - and it is IDAHOUND employees making those mouth-watering meals one pound at a time. We're a family, a "pack" you might say, that you are personally sustaining.

In the spirit of celebrating community, we wanted to begin introducing IDAHOUND's team (and their dogs, of course!) through the newsletter. Our first short interview is with Stewart, who has been with us for three years. His eight-year-old Pit bull, Whiskey, comes howling to work nearly ever day.

Job at IDAHOUND: Operations Manager

Hometown: Modesto, CA

Favorite sports team: Sacramento Kings



What is something about Whiskey that might surprise people?
Whiskey wants to play with literally everything he sees.

What are his favorite Idahound foods?
He loves Green Tripe and Ewe Chews. Whiskey always eats any Idahound products I give him, but he is a little more excited on tripe days.

What about you? Favorite food?
Tamales are my FAVORITE.
What are your favorite podcasts for work?
The Dan Lebatard Show with StuGotz. 

How do you explain "Food as Dog Intended" to new customers?
It means we are only using ingredients that have nutritional value, and never any fillers. It's providing the diet dogs were born to eat. 

Is Whiskey allowed on the bed? What about the couch?
Whiskey sleeps under the blanket with me. He is my 85 pound lap dog. 

What's one thing about Idahound that you think a new customer might not realize and appreciate?
That every employee has a dog. We are not just a dog food company - we are a company that loves dogs!

What does the word "community" mean to you?
To me "community" is a group of people who are there for each other. Who all recognize the individual role they play in making sure everyone is taken care of.  

What's your fondest Idahound memory?
The employee Christmas party!  I get to see all the people who are part of the team all year.

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