Raw Cat Food

Raw Cat Food

*RAW CAT FOODS ARE FROZEN: We have a 15 POUND CART MINIMUM for frozen items. Learn More

Idahound’s raw cat foods are species-appropriate meals for your feline. 

Our complete and balanced recipes begin with grass-fed live animals that we source 100% in Idaho, slaughter on site and process entirely into cat and dog food. Unlike other brands that source excess trim and organ from distant slaughterhouses, Idahound’s foods contain only the finest grass-fed meat and organs available.

If you’re unfamiliar with the benefits of raw feeding for cats, we have lots to talk about. More than likely, though, you’re already a committed raw feeder, scouring the internet for research, options, and new proteins (rotation is important!). If that’s you, we hope that you like what you find here: a love of cats and dogs, and foods made accordingly.

Why only rabbit? Our proteins are limited because we only buy grass-fed, humanely-raised animals within a hundred miles or so from our ranch. This keeps our carbon footprint a little lower and our foods a lot fresher. Pets are significant members of our food system. How their food is made and the energy inputs that go into it should not be ignored.

We also chose rabbit because it allows us to offer a “whole-prey” recipe. Each of our animals is skinned before being ground in its entirety. Forgive us for being so explicit, but it’s this process that makes Idahound’s Hare Balls so unique. Every pound of our rabbit diet contains the ratio of meat, organ, and bone that exists naturally within the animal itself.