We like to re-use stuff. Idahound's Cooler Club offers customers a discount of 10% off (does not compound with membership discount) by purchasing, using and re-using an indestructible Cordova cooler for your every order. Made in Nampa, Idaho, these units eliminate packaging waste, while also keeping your raw goodies extra cold and secure.

1. Add a Cordova cooler to your cart.
The Medium can hold up to 48 1-lb. logs or 18 2-lb bags. 
The Small can hold up to 25 1-lb logs or 12 2-lb bags.
There's a wide range of workable combinations of food and treats that will fit. Email us if you're unsure about quantities!
2. Add your selection of Idahound foods. In doing so, you'll see "10% Cooler Program Savings" in your shopping cart.
3. For shipping method, "Return Label" will be automatically selected. Each cooler will have a pre-paid return label attached to the order's packing slip. The cost of the return label will depend on what's in your cart and will be calculated automatically.
4. Complete checkout and await your cooler! Once you're ready, box it up with the return label, and deliver to any UPS location.

HOW TO RE-ORDER (if you didn't select a recurring subscription): 
1. Save the cardboard box! Coolers must ship in a box to avoid extra charges.
2. Ship your cooler back to Idahound.
3. Log in to your account (enables membership pricing)
4. Add your size cooler to the cart (price will be $0.00 once logged in).
5. Add the food you'd like to purchase.
6.. Complete checkout and select "Return Label" (will be the only option available)