Idahound’s Raw Diet

1. Determine your dog’s daily consumption.
We suggest feeding 2-3% of your dog’s target body weight daily. The feeding chart below calculates TOTAL DAILY portions based on 2.5% of body weight being fed. To determine portions for two feedings a day, split the total portion in half. Use our chart as a guide, but remember that, like us, your dog’s consumption isn’t formulaic. On active days, when his or her caloric expenditure is high, think about feeding more. Likewise, if you’ve already given your dog a bone or a handful of treats, consider feeding less.screenshot-25
2. Next grab a Tupperware container and begin thawing 2-3 days’ worth of logs in the refrigerator.  Product will be ready in 8-10 hours.
3. When ready to feed, grab a log(s) or a bag of balls, pull open the top of the bag, and squeeze the necessary portions into your dog’s food bowl.
5. Wash your hands.
To stay ahead of the thaw process, remove additional frozen logs and begin thawing in your refrigerator. Also, every few feedings it’s a good idea too wash your dog’s bowl.

Idahound’s Raw Meaty Lamb Bones

Raw meaty bones are the greatest way to clean your dog’s teeth. As Nature’s toothbrushes, they are also a bit messy and should be fed outdoors, on a deck, or in a garage.
If your dog is inexperienced with raw bones, we recommend no more more than 5-10 minutes of chewing for his or her first couple of sessions. A gradual introduction will allow them a smoother digestive transition. In addition, passively monitor your dog’s chewing, as some tend to chew aggressively and could swallow potential blockages.
1. Pull a raw meaty Idahound bone from the freezer.
2. Go outside or in the garage and open the bag.
3. Let your hound enjoy!
4. If desired, grab the remaining bone using the original bag and refreeze to be chewed again.
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