Cooler Shipping

Cooler Shipping

We like to re-use stuff! With Idahound's cooler program you receive orders in an indestructible Cordova cooler (made in Nampa, Idaho) that we ship back and forth. It's a great way to reduce waste, better protect that precious raw food, and save 17% on ever order!

Here's how it works:

STEP 1: Create your custom subscription. Take a screenshot of your cart or email us your list of items, as well as your preferred frequency, and we'll put a quote of the total costs together, including a 17% discount. 

Minimum order = 15 lbs.

Maximum order (per cooler) = 48 1-lb. logs or 18 2-lb. bags


STEP 2:  If you're satisfied with your subscription and approve the quote, give us a call at (435) 513 1894 to initiate the subscription and buy the cooler at a heavily discounted price.

Cordova Medium = $195.00

Cordova Small = $160.00

STEP 3: Idahound will ship your cooler in its original box. We will REUSE THIS BOX. Not only does shipping the cooler in a box prevent surcharges, it also deters theft of these attractive units.

Once you've emptied the cooler, slap on pre-paid return label stapled to your receipt. Deliver to any Fedex drop-off location and the cooler will make its way back to Idahound, where it'll await your recurring order.


Thanks for taking the time to consider an alternative to our regular shipping methods! We put a ton of thought into our foods - as well as how to get them to you in ways that are increasingly sustainable. Feed consciously!