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Whole Elk Antler (1 piece)
Whole Elk Antler (1 piece) Whole Elk Antler (1 piece) Whole Elk Antler (1 piece)
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Whole Elk Antler (1 piece)

Regular price $16.99
Number of pieces: 1 (hat not included)
Weight: 6-8 ounces / Length: 6-8 inches

Idahound's Elk antler are bones as Dog intended. Durable yet forgiving enough for safe chewing, antler is both a stimulating and healthy treat for hounds of all sizes. We like to consider our antler chews a mess-free and biologically-appropriate toothbrush, a wonderful holistic compliment to a diet of raw foods and bones. Keep your hound's oral hygiene high with a wonderful and low-impact (antlers are a renewable resource!) antler bone.

Idahound offers premium shed antlers that we find ourselves and buy from friends and locals. We cut and sand every piece to eliminate sharp edges and visually inspect all orders before packaging. Antler is intended to be consumed safely by your dog, but we recommend that you still supervise your hound while they enjoy it. If your dog chews their antler down to a chokeable size, you should discard it.  

Whole antler has two marrow exposures on either end, which is where your dog will focus its efforts. Whole antler will last longer than split antler, as long as your dog enjoys the extra work.

Split antler has been cut through the middle of the bone, exposing a trench of porous marrow. Split antler tends to be chewed faster than whole antler, and is a good option when introducing antler to your dog.