Idahound’s raw dog foods are species-appropriate meals for your dog. Our complete and balanced recipes begin with grassfed live animals that we source 100% in Idaho, slaughter on site and process entirely into dog food. Unlike other brands that source excess trim and organ from distant slaughterhouses, Idahound’s foods contain only the finest grassfed meat and organs available, all from the same animals that we butchered at our own facility near Sun Valley, Idaho.

In addition, we add organic carrots and squash, which we’ve lightly baked for improved digestibility, locally-sourced apples and a smattering of organic powdered eggshells and alfalfa to balance the recipe.

If you’re unfamiliar with the benefits of raw feeding for dogs, we have lots to talk about. More than likely, though, you’re already a committed raw feeder, scouring the internet for research, options, and new proteins (rotation is important!). If that’s you, we hope that you like what you find here: a love of dogs, and foods made accordingly.

Why only beef and sheep? Our proteins are limited because we only buy grassfed, humanely-raised animals within a hundred miles or so from our ranch. This keeps our carbon footprint a little lower and our foods a lot fresher. Dogs are significant members of our food system. How their food is made and the energy inputs that go into it should not be ignored.

Feed Your Carnivore.

Idahound’s online store is meant for dogs living in Idaho, OregonMontana, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming only. If you’re outside of these states, but demand a raw “farm-to-bowl” diet please email us directly at We’ll do our best to get you access to Idahound’s menu as soon as possible.

Thank you!