How does Idahound ship?

Idahound uses Fedex for all orders placed through the online store. The rates that appear during checkout are real-time rates based on total order weight. All of our frozen products go out in boxes insulated with thick foam and dry ice, which add 1-2 lbs. depending on box size. There are no added charges for packing materials, except for orders that fall under 15 lbs.

What are Idahound’s requirements for shipping?

While we don’t place any minimums on frozen shipments, any orders under 10 lbs. will be automatically charged for the insulated box and dry ice, or approximately $5.50. For orders over 15 lbs., we waive those costs.

Frozen shipments are packaged in either a medium box (40 lb. maximum) or a large box (75 lb. maximum).

The heavier the box, the greater the Fedex discount. If ordering over 40 lbs, consider increments of 75 lbs.

We don’t have minimums on treat orders nor associated box costs for those orders.

 When will my order be shipped?

Due to our production schedule and company size, we do not guarantee same-day shipping. To ensure product quality, frozen shipments will go out on MONDAYS, TUESDAYS, AND WEDNESDAYS. 

Once your order has been placed, you will receive an email with an order number. Once your order has shipped, you will receive a second email with a tracking number. If you’d like to know when we expect to ship your order, email us at and include your order number in the subject line.